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Founded in 2015, Up North Distillery is an award-winning small-batch farm-to-flask distillery located in Northern Idaho. Our unique spirits showcase the terroir of the Inland Northwest.

Our Flagship Line Of Spirits.

Up North Distillery is one of six distilleries nationwide that manufactures spirits using 100% honey in the mash. We first create meade and then distill it. Handcrafted and distilled from 100% pure honey, yet never sweet, this clear libation is a new addition to the world of spirits. Thanks to the pristine nature of honey, its delicate and distinct taste is unparalleled.


Up North’s Honey Spirits are smooth and full-flavored using small-batch copper pot distillation. Excellent for sipping neat and a fantastic cocktail ingredient.

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Honey Spirits

Distilled from 100% Idaho Honey. This spirit is wonderfully balanced, bright, and full of flavor. An excellent cocktail ingredient and a great alternative to vodka and white rum. 


40% ABV/ 80 Proof | 750 ml

Suggested Cocktails - Moscow Mule, Margarita & Martini.

Barrel Finished Honey Spirits

Distilled from 100% Idaho Honey, barrel-aged in American Oak, nuances of oak and vanilla added to the bright flavor of our traditional honey spirits.  Great for neat sipping and an alternative to aged rum or whiskey in cocktails.


40% ABV/ 80 Proof | 750 ml


Suggested Cocktails - Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned, & Manhattan.

Barrel Reserve Honey Spirits

Distilled from 100% Idaho Honey, this single-barrel spirit is aged in new charred Kentucky Oak Bourbon Barrels. This reserve spirit offers an unrivaled depth of flavor and complexity while remaining an easy sipper.


40% ABV/ 80 Proof  | 750 ml

Suggested Cocktails - Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Highball.

UP North Whiskey.jpg
North Idaho Single Malt Whiskey

Similar to the beautiful hills and mountains of North Idaho, this Single Malt Whisky is worth exploring time and again. It is aged for a minimum of two years in American Oak barrels from Kentucky. It delivers an abundance of flavors, with a hint of brown sugar and caramelized fruit with the perfect oak nuances. 


43% ABV/ 86 Proof | 750 ml

Suggested Cocktails - Old Fashioned, Highball.

Brandy, America's First Spirit

America’s oldest distilled spirit. The only thing more American than apple pie might be apple brandy. Beating even bourbon to the punch, the beginnings of American apple brandy stretch back to the 1600s. Made from freshly pressed Washington apples, our small batch Apple Brandy is copper pot distilled in the traditional method to deliver layers of complex flavors.

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Classic Apple Brandy

Distilled from 100% fresh apple juice, resulting in a clean, flavorful, bright, and crisp spirit.  An excellent replacement for vodka, gin, and unaged rum. Great for sipping neat or cocktails.


40%ABV/ 80 Proof | 750 ml

Suggested cocktails - Tiki Cocktails, Sidecar & Hot Toddies

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Barrel Aged Apple Brandy

Distilled from 100% fresh pressed apple juice & barrel aged in New American Oak for 3 years. Deep, complex flavors with crisp fruit and earthy nuances of wood and caramel. Sip neat or add to your favorite cocktails. 


40% ABV/ 80 Proof  | 750ml

Cocktail Suggestions - Whiskey Sour, Old Fashioned, & Tiki Cocktails.

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Big KId (1).jpg
Big Kid Cider

A fan favorite, our Apple Brandy blended with fresh pressed apple juice. A low ABV spirit that is great for mixing or sipping by itself. With its versatility, you can use this expression as a liqueur or a spirit in cocktail recipes. 


20% ABV/ 40 Proof  | 750ml

Suggested cocktails - Apple Pie Mimosa, Hot Toddy, Apple Old Fashioned.

North Idaho Pine Liqueur
Limited release.

We climb trees and hand forage pinecones from North Idaho White Pine trees in our favorite spot on the Coeur d'Alene River, when they are in their perfect season and color.

When the pinecones are ready to be picked, they are purple and full of sap. Then, we infuse our brandy and use local honey to sweeten it.

This delicious liqueur is truly the spirit of North Idaho in a liquid form.


Proof varies per release |  375ml

Suggested cocktails - Pine Old Fashioned, Up North & Soda, Mountain Side Car.

Cask Strength Honey Randy holding.jpg
Cask Strength Single Barrel Honey Spirits
Limited release, Distillery exclusive

Distilled from 100% Honey.  Aged in American Oak Barrels. Our distiller hand selects the finest tasting barrels in our warehouse and bottles them at cask strength. 


Proof varies per release | 375ml

Suggested cocktails - Old Fashioned, Highball, Gold Rush. 

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